Doing our bit for the Environment

The Christchurch Food Festival takes its responsibilities very seriously on lessening our impact on the environment.  It is something which is so important to all of us, and we all have to think twice before purchasing unrecyclable items or disposing of waste.

So we ask all our traders to tell us just how much they do to lessen the waste that they produce and to make every effort to recycle as much as possible.  Lots of them are coming up with brilliant initiatives, great green ideas and generally ditching the plastic bags, straws and so on.  So we will tell you all about which traders are trying hard and promote them on this page and you can then support them over the Festival weekend and tell them what a great job they are doing!

Another aspect of the environmental issues, is that we have tried very hard to introduce recycling to the Festival weekend.  It would appear to be a simple initiative which would hugely help reduce the amount of waste we produce.

However, having spoken to a number of waste/recycling companies, they all say the same thing – we may have separate recycling bins for glass, paper, plastic but at the end of the day it only takes one thoughtless deposit of “rubbish” in to that bin to mean that the whole lot goes to landfill.  A sad but true fact L

So rather than looking as though we are embracing recycling, which would still go to landfill, we will be running a campaign to ask our lovely green visitors to take their recycling home with them and put it in their recycling bins.  That way we all know that a lot of it WILL go to recycling!


Crepe Roulette only use non plastic packaging (including cutlery) all of which is fully recyclable. They also only use organic milk in our home made batter and for use in our hot drinks!

Los Churros Amigos use is recyclable.


Herbal Haven have ensured that all of their internet order packaging is made from recycled plastic bottles. The packaging can then be recycled again.


GingerBeard’s try to do as much as we can to lower our impact on the environment. Did you know you can put their tamper sleeves in your food waste bin or compost? They are made of 100% plant material, and take around six weeks to fully decompose.


Le Bonne Crepe use bio-degradable plates & cutlery, use local independent brands and suppliers, 85% of their waste is recycled. Their water consumption is limited and they give their surplas food to homeless charities to limit what is thrown away.


Dorset Shellfish 

Dorset Shellfish are passionate about cleaning up our oceans and working hard to get that message out there of reducing the use single use
plastics and are committed to avoiding plastic packaging on their stall at the festival.


Purbeck Ice Creams Environmental Credentials

At the farm they reduce, re-use, compact and recycle 95% of everything. This ensures that the beautiful countryside around them is sustained and further improved by planting trees and providing animal friendly eco areas. They are not connected to the mains water supply and have always had to be efficient and careful with any cooling water used.

They source locally wherever possible, only going outside these areas if what they need is either not available or of too poor a quality. They take enormous care and pay attention to anything we buy to ensure we have only what we need delivered and not vast amounts of unnecessary packaging whilst encouraging our suppliers to match their eco-friendly ethos.

A Bio-digester is fed with organic material, which is broken down by micro-organisms and bacteria in an anaerobic environment to produce a renewable energy called bio-gas, and other material that are mainly used as fertiliser. All our excess fats, lipids and production surplus are sent to a Bio-digester in the Piddle Valley (Dorset). We also take pig-buckets to our local farmer Phil Samways to fatten up his drift, Purbeck’s happiest pigs! We have recently installed a solar panel system on top of our Production facilities in order to facilitate the reduction of energy use.

Our event vans separate cardboard and plastic waste from general waste at all the shows we attend with recycling facilities.

Coffee Cruiser 

Ever since they started their business in 2014 …keeping ‘Green” has been one of their big concerns.
The coffee truck is made so that they don’t need to use a noisy generator and they don’t need to use electricity and no engine left running to make fabulous barista coffee/tea & chocolate.
They also carry their own waste and water.

Unfortunately after much research, they have not been able to find any 100% recyclable cups, they do not exist. Even compostable cups sadly have the plastic liner.
We are always happy to fill peoples cups should they bring them to us.


  • All of Tattiebogle’s packaging is paper and they use fully compostable plant starch cutlery.
  • Barbara’s Kitchen has always and will always use eco friendly consumables for food festivals.
  • The Chilli Alchemist’s entire condiment range is packaged in 100% recyclable materials.
  • At Simply Strawberries they use bio-degradeable products to serve their delicious Strawberries and cream to their customers.